Sunday, 24 March 2013

Treatment: Act 3

With Raife's show on the urge of collapes, he asks Nancy is he would like to host the morning show with Richard. She says yes. Her first day of work creates a buzz, he previous work as a presenter meant that she already had a following and this was great for the Raife. The show finally looked on the up. That evening Nancy took Raife out on a date to rekindle what they once had. Revisiting the same steak restaurant they went too on one of their first dates, Raife confessed that he never stopped loving her. Nancy told Raife that she was sorry for leaving him and also admitted that she realised she could never be with anyone but him. That evening they went for a walk around town, she took him to the theatre and told him that she loved him. She told him that the reason she came back was not only becouse she realised after everything he had done that she loved him, but becouse she was pregnant with his child.
The next day Raife gets a call from the TV Executives telling him that they are going to keep his show as long as the ratings continue to increase.
2 months later...
Raife and Nancy are in Paris, at the Top of the Eifel tower, Raife gets down onto one knee, and ask Nancy to marry him. She says yes.
1 year later...
Raife and Nancy are now married, living in a large house in the Kent countryside with their new baby boy Dylan. Raife has earnt a promotion and is now the TV executive. Nancy's presenting years have paid off with her now hoaving her own talk show. There lives couldnt be any better.

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