Thursday, 14 March 2013

Location: Greenwich

Greenwich is another location where I would like scenes of my film shot. Greenwich is one of Londons biggest landmarks and is famous all over the world. It is notable for its maratime history and is the site of the Royal Palace, The Palace of Placentia. I feel that due to the fact that our film is set during the Irag War I feel that Greenwich is a great loaction becouse of the history is has with past Wars.
Greenwich is a very smart area and the buildings are built well and look elegant. I feel that this would be a great location for our film as i feel that many of the sites in Greenwich would work well with the romantic genre of our film. Greenwich has a lot of small cobble streets and I think these streets would work well.

There are many landmarks in Greenwich that would make great establishing shots for the film. Some of these locations are The Royal Observatory, The Royal Navy College, and Greenwich University. These are a few of the famous iconic buildings.


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