Monday, 18 March 2013

Lucy's Logo Design

This is one of the logo designs that Lucy started to design in our lesson. After long and hard discussions me and Issy have decided against this design due to the fact that  feel it doesnt do our Production Company any justice. We are currently in the process of coming up with an Idea for the Logo. Designing the Logo has proven to be a very  challenging process as we want to make a logo that is easily rememberd and stands out to the audiance. An example of a good company logo is McDonalds. The 'M' for the McDonalds sign is known worldwide and is immediatly assosiated with the fast food chain. The logo is simple but has had a huge impact on the company. A few other examples are Coca Cola, Burger King, Kit Kat, and Nike. These  logos are all very well known and recognised in any country, worldwide.

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