Thursday, 14 March 2013

Location: London

One of my ideas for a location in the film is London. The reason for this is that London is a capital city and is one of the most famous cities in the world. London is also quiet a romantic city and I feel that we may be able to get some effective shots of the romantic sceens in the small streets of London.
The Image to the left is a good setting for a romantic film. It is night time and the street lamps are lighting up the streets. With the noise of the water crashing against the walls I feel that this could set a very effective romantic scene.
The Image to the Right is a wide shot of the River themes. This shot is very iconic and is a very strong  establishing shot! Most people today would recognise where this photo is taken. I feel that this would make a great backdrop to one of the romantic scenes as it has three big iconic buildings in the image. The London Eye, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliment. At a night time when it is all lite up it really gives a feel of romance and I feel that this will be a great location.

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