Monday, 18 March 2013

25 Word Pitch: Initial Ideas

  1. Lost, trapped, surviving by herself in a world where she feels she doesn't matter. Can Nancy continue her normal life after the death of Will?
  2. The death of her husband leads Nancy into a state of depression and leaves her in a world of imagination. Can Raife save her?
  3. The death of their loved ones leaves Nancy and Raife in the same situation. Can their new found love for each-other save them.
  4. After the tragic death of her beloved husband, Nancy embarks on a journey to find herself again in this romantic tale of love and devotion. 
  5. When Nancy embarks on a journey to find true love again will Raife be the man to give her a sense of freedom and normality.
  6. A broken hearted woman falls in love with a man she knows she cant love, but will Raife be the man to pick Nancy up.

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