Monday, 18 March 2013

25 Word Pitch: Initial Ideas Evaluation

    1. Lost, trapped, surviving by herself in a world where she feels she doesn't matter. Can Nancy continue her normal life after the death of Will?
    This is the very first idea that I had for a 25 word pitch. I think that this is a bit of a bland 25 word pitch. To me it is dull and the opening sentance seems to be a bit boring. The retorical question doesnt fit the sentance and I dont think that the sentance sells the film well. The pitch wouldnt attract the audiance to the watch the film.
    2. The death of her husband leads Nancy into a state of depression and leaves her in a world of imagination. Can Raife save her?

    This 25 word pitch is a bit more exciting in my opinion. I feel that the first sentance leaves the reader wanting to know more about the death of the husband and leaves us wanting to know what Nancy is  going through. The retorical question is a bit cheesy in my opinion and I dont this it aids the sentance.

    3. The death of their loved ones leaves Nancy and Raife in the same situation. Can their new found love for each-other save them.
    I think that this 25 word pitch is quiet open. By this it doesnt let the audiance know too much. The fact that both their loved ones have died hints to the audiance that the two of them will probably start seeing eachother. I think that the second sentance gives away too much of the story and leaves very little too the reader imagination.

    4. After the tragic death of her beloved husband, Nancy embarks on a journey to find herself again in this romantic tale of love and devotion. 
    This is the fourth 25 word pitch that I made. I feel that this pitch is far more creative than the others i came up with. The word 'Tragic' leaves the audiance wanting to know more. It doesnt give away too much of the story meaning that the audiance can use their own imagination. This 25 word pitch focuses more on the journey she takes after the death of her husband suggesting that this pitch as more depht than the others.

    5. When Nancy embarks on a journey to find true love again will Raife be the man to give her a sense of freedom and normality.
    This 25 word pitch gives quiet a lot of information away to the audiance about what is going to happen. The pitch tells you that Nancy falls in love with Raife. This is basically the storyline and we want the audiance to keep guessing to what is going tohappen in their relationship.

    6. A broken hearted woman falls in love with a man she knows she cant love, but will Raife be the man to pick Nancy up.
    This is a good 25 word pitch in my opinion. The pitch makes the audiance want to know why she cant love him. However I dont think it is a strong at the fourth pitch. The second part of the sentance is a retorical question, that im my opinion isnt needed in this pitch.

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