Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Target Audience: Further Research

Now that I know that my target audience is Woman aged 17 - 25 I am now able to research my target audience so that i can identify what they really want out of my film.

One way of researching my target audience was by going out and speaking to the people that fit into the description of my target audience. I asked everyone the same question. "What do you want in a Romantic film?"

Ella (18) said: "In my opinion the most powerful part of a Romantic film is the relationship between two people and how it rises and falls throughout the film."

Millie (21) said: "I disaster that brings them together."

Sophia (24) said: "The romantic loves scenes create the biggest emotional response in my opinion"

Samantha (19) said: "The emotional journey they both embrace."

Francesca (17) said: "The main thing I want in a romantic film is strong and compelling story-line that keeps me entertained throughout."

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