Sunday, 24 March 2013

Treatment: Act 2

The next day, Nancy discovers the TV station is threatening to cancel her show because of its poor ratings. Not enjoying the long tiredsome hours of work, and after getting aggravated with her idiot of a boo Nancy dramaticlly quits her Job. Stressed and upset, it is coming up to the two year mark of her husbands death. Raife begins worrying for Nancy's downfall, and goes to his parents to borrow some money. Later that day Raife decides he is taking Nancy and her daughter too New York on a two week trip. His parents have paid for them to fly first class and have checked them in at one of New Yorks most luxurios hotels.

New York gives Nancy a sense of a new life, and she's the happiest she has been in ages. Arriving in New York Nancy meets an old school friend, Sophie. Sophie is the daugther of a wealthy father, Ashley Tiffany, Ashley is the owner of Tiffany & Co. Sophie is currently living in an apartment with her boyfriend Robert, overlooking Central Park. Sophie invites Nancy out on a double date that night. Sophie takes them to New Yorks landmark Broadway, where they get front row tickets at Broadways biggest show. The night grows old and with the kids at Sophie's fathers, they decide to go to one of New Yorks top restaurants. Over dinner Sophie talks to Nancy about a possibility of having a high profile job at Tiffany & Co. The next day Raife gets a call from his mother telling him that his dad's been taken to hospital after suffering a heart attack. Raife leaves Nancy and Chloe in New York and rushes back to the United Kingdom. When Raife arrives in hospital he finds that his father has died. Scared and sad Noah grips his daddy as tight as he can. Raife stays with his mum at her house to comfort and care for her. 5 days late Raife calls Nancy to tell her the news about his father. She is heartfelt and send her sympathy but explains to him that she has decided to stay over in New York to get a job at Tiffany and Co. Raife has a go at her telling her she cant leave him. She replies, I't's time to move on now Raife'

Raife is offered a Job as a producer for a news Channal. He takes the Job up, finaly feeling that he actually  has a chance to stand on his own two feet and can raise Noah. Raife attracts a woman who works for him in the office. Her names Lucy. Raife takes her out for dinner to a nice reataurant in London. But its not the same as before. Trying to move on form Nancy he realises that she is the only girl that he can ever love. After a terrible date, Raife goes home, and sits infront of the telly drinking. That night he sends Nancy a text asking to speak to her. The next day whilst making breakfast his phone vibrates and Nancy has texted him back. Pleased and thrilled his emotions are soon turned upside-down to find that Nancy has text him saying 'Things moved on way to quickly for my liking, your a great friend but, its hard for me becouse ive just lost my husband. I know this seems harsh, but I need time to think things through. I dont want to upset you but its what I have to do. Im sorry' Upset, Raife throws his phone at the wall and it smashes into peices. Worried for his daddy Noah walks up to him and holds his hand and tells him everythings going to be alright. A few days later it is the funeral of Raifs's father. This time last year Raife was at the funeral of his wife and now being his father, it makes the whold situation so much harder for him.

The next day it is Raife's first day as producer. Raife realises he has signed on to a show in turmoil, lacking in direction and money. After meeting the team he will be working with he fires the conceited co-host and host of the breatfast show, much to the delight of her co-workers. Raife hires two new hosts for the show, Richard and Debra. Straight away Debra proves to be hard going, throwing her weight about, trying to sabotage her debut on the show by arguing on screen with her co-host. As ratings begin to drop, Raife is told that his show may be canceled. Raife is over worked and at the same time his is coaching his sons football team for the cup final.

Raife takes his son's football team on a trip down to the beach, to congratulate them on how well they have done in reaching the cup final. Whilst donw there he tells them that no matter what happens next week in the game, that they should be proud what ever the outcome. The next day Raife arrives to the office, hearing that Richard and Debra have had another argument of air. Raife tells Debra to sort it out and during a break in the news she decides to get drunk and go on air. Raife fires Debra on air causing natinal coverage of the live event. Over in New York Nancy hears of the news and feels bad for Raife. The company owners tell raife that if the figures arnt up to over a million within a month the show will definatly be cancelled and a new up and coming show will be put in it's pace.

It is the day of Noah's cup match and the team run out onto the pitch. The first half is bad and the team go down 2-0, as the second half starts Noah puts in a goal for the team. They begin to get more posession and the team look more powerfull. After a dramatic fight the team win 3-2. When the crowds have dispersed, he notices that he cant find Noah, after a short panic he see's her with a girl. Its Chloe. Raife looks in shock and as he turns around he is embrased by Nancy, who runs up to him. Crying, she passinatly kisses him and tells him that she is so so sorry.

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