Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Production Context

I need to think about which production company I want to use to make my film. I need to decide whether I want it to be a Blockbuster Company or a Independent Film Company. 

Ideally I would like my film to be made by a large blockbuster company like Universal. Blockbluster films genuinely produce a higher profit due to larger budgets. This is because they can distribute the money between Production, Performance and Distribution. Independent Movies are not funded as much. This means they cant advertise the movie as much as a big blockbuster film and so don't have as big of share of the markets audience. Due to the fact that i'm only making a two minuet film I feel that it is unrealistic to be with a blockbuster company, so therefore I think it is more appropriate to go with an independent company.

By choosing an Independent Film Company to produce my film. I will be able to portray a more realistic film to the audiance. After researching many Independent film companies and having numerous conversations with my group. We have decided to choose the production company Fosterfilm Productions. Fosterfilm Productions began in Texas in 2006 and in 2010 it expanded to Los Angeles. I have chosen Fosterfilm Productions because it specialises in short films. Although I have chosen against a big Hollywood blockbuster company, I still want my film to be targeted at a larger audience of Americans and not just UK citizens! I want this because it will generate a larger profit for the company. I think that we have a strong enough story line to attract a wider audience and feel that we can compete in the US Short Film market. 

I feel that I can compete in the US film market as due to research I know that Americans like British actors and like British Romance films such as Atonement (2007), produced by Universal Pictures, Studio Canal, Relatively Media and Working Title Films.

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