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7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For my media product, a film, we have used a wide variety of technological processes to construct the film.

These consisted of:
- Digital Camera
- iPhone Camera
- Digital Video Camera
- Scanner
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Powerpoint
- Tripod
- Final Cut
- Live Type

And many more, below I have constructed  a mind map using '' to present all the sites we used via internet explorer to help us in the process of constructing our film.

The mind map shows what sites we used from internet explorer which helped us make our blogs more creative and innovative to look at so that they didn't just consist of the same bland posts continuously.

Google and We Hear It were two sites which we used to get images off to post in various places within my blog and continuously using for inspiration and ideas.

Lino and Padlet were sites which we used to produce posts which just contained various amounts of texts and sometimes pictures on a single page.

Author Stream, Slide Share, Animoto, Slide Rocket were sites we used to create powerpoints and put online and contain text, images, and often videos.

Survey Monkey was a site we used to create a survey and then analyse these results which we got and see what this meant for our target audience ideas.

Gmail is the email service we used to email casting directors when the need occurred. 

Polyvore is a site we used to create outfit combinations for our characters.

Wordle and Tagxedo are word generating sites which we used to make words look more creative and colourful to look at when describing certain things.  is a site we used to create mind maps.

XtraNormal, Voki, Go Animate and Pixton were sites we used to make visual animations which often spoke, Pixton was one which created a storyboard however but we could still incorporate visual animations into them.

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3. kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

3. kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

We really feel that Lionsgate is the best company to distribute are film. They are a very successful company and so we know are film has a great chance of earning a large profit at the box office. All of Lionsgate films are succesfull and so we are confident with the company. We know that Lionsgate will work hard to get are film distributed. Below is the Lionsgate Logo.

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Social Groups by isabelle.britton on GoAnimate

Animated Presentations - Powered by GoAnimate.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Analyzing the day of filming

The filming day as a whole was a success. We managed to film are film in one day which was are target. Even though we completed the film within the time frame and got all the shots we need I feel that there is still room for improvement. I have created a table below about the good and bad elements of the filming process.

Whilst we had planned everything for the day of the filming, when the day came we were unprepared and the filming was a last minuet rush. There were many reasons for this. There was a disagreement in are group and so two of the moments wasn't speaking for a while and so we couldn't film during that period. Another issue we found was that a lot of the days some of us could film on the other group members couldn't. In the future we should plan a shooting day in advance so that we can all make sure that we are free for that day. Due to the fact that we left it last minuet we also had trouble getting the equipment and because of this we couldn't use the camera that we wanted to originally use. There also wasn't any tripods that we could use and this we found was a big issue because we couldn't really keep the camera steady. Even though we filmed last minuet, we managed to film and edit the film within two days and this is something we are really proud of. Whilst there is still a lot of room for improvement I feel that the film we have produced was very good for the time frame.

Casting Raife/ Will

Name: Joseph Garratt
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 0863746****
Joe Garratt fitted the description for Raife really well. Joe has had a lot of acting experiance which is something that really went in his favour. Whilst experiance wasnt neccasary we feel that he will make the filming process run a lot smoother. Joe has been in many school plays and so his confidence will be visable on screen. His hair is smart and this is one of the qualities we wanted Raife to have. Joe's audition was very well and one of the things that stood out was his personality. Whilst Jo is very level headed he can have a laugh and as a director I feel this is somthing we need on set. After Joe got through the first audition we put him for a scree test. This would allow us to see how he would react with the camera being aroundf and it would allow us to see what he would look like from and audiances point of view. Joe had a great onscreen appearance. He really dominated the frame. He was very well at potraying his feelings and emotions through non verbal communication and this is somthing that would be really great for our film. I am happy with this casting.

Casting Nancy

Name: Lucy Dale
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 076547*****
Lucy meets the requirments for our film. She is middle hight and when she dresses up she can get away with playing an older character. Lucy hasnt had any experiance in acting before and so when casting her it was a bit of a risk. We found that when audition Lucy she was very natural with her performance and this is something we really wanted. Lucy has a calm, soft voice which is something we wanted the character Nancy to have. Whilst she isnt that tall we came to the opinion that she could be wearing heels to make herself look taller. Once Lucy went through our first audition we did a screen test on her to see how she would look on screen. With this we were able to see that she had a strong onscreen presence and this is somthing we really needed. Nancy is the main character and so her emotions would have to be potrayed to the audiance very well. We are please with our casting.


These are a few picture of some backstage shots of the day we filmed the opening sequence.

Final Filming Location

After suffering a lot of set backs with for the Location of the house we have finally made and agreement to film at Joe Garratts house. We managed to arange an agreement with him to allow us to film on his premesis. Due to dissagreements with are group we had to dissragard the use of Joe's house, however after long discussions we all agreed and were happy to film at his house.

This is an Image of Joe's house. It is a large house, that is very nice to the eye. This house represents the wealth that Nancy has. The home has just been built and has had brand new interier and so the house would already have a nice set for us to use.

Before filming we all went to the house to look at the practicality of filming there. The house itself is very large and modern looking so fits with the genre and general 'look' of the film.  We looked at possible shot angles and scouted for the best places to film in the property. One place we really liked was the foyer of the house. This is the enterance and one of the main focal points of the house. The grand staircase emphasises Nancy's wealth. We took some testing footage to see how we could frame each shot. This allowed us to determin what kind of shots would be best. Taking this tester footage allowed us to save a lot of time when it came to the day of the filming.

Film Script

After studying how scrips/ screenplays were written we decided to make one of our own. Whilst are script isnt as detailed as a script should be I feel that it tells us everything we need to know for when shooting our opening scene. Having a script will allow are actors kto now what they are doing and it makes the process a lot more quicker and stress free.

What is a Script?

Soundtrack Issue's

One of the issue's we came across when looking for sound for are film was to make sure that the music wasnt copyrighted. To do this we had to do extra research into each song, and we had to track down a source. We found that a lot of the music we were finding was copyrighted and this became a real issue for us. After looking into are final music idea for a while we found out that the song we wanted wasnt copyrighted and so we were now able to finalise out sound choice for good.

Chosen Soundtrack

Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

Soundtrack Ideas

The music above is soft, slow and easy to listen to. It would be good for our film because our opening scene is very sad as Nancy finds out her husband is dead. Halfway through the piece the music speeds up in anticipation and it would fit with our film when she finds out the bad news. It then returns to sad and slow which would represent her feelings and mood.

This peice of music isnt too sad and has a good beat to it to making it easier to listen to. It is not too sad which is important within our film as it represents the positive change that happens after the death of Will, and the new beginning of Nancy's life.
This piece of music is interesting because it is slow and sad and would represent the sadness in our film very well, but it does not have any happiness to it which is important because we want to show the next chapter without any footage. Also, this music sounds very familiar which we do not want because our film has to be original.

Choosing a Soundtrack

"A soundtrack can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, book, television program or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film or TV show; or the physical area of a film that contains the synchronized recorded sound."
A soundtrack is very important for a film as it can set the scene because it is able to influence the audiance to portray a particular feeling or mood. It also makes the film more interesting if it is just action happening on screen and no speech or talking. It is important for us to pick the right music for our film as it  it fits the film. If it doesnt it could portray a completely different mood than intended or generally make the film look bad from the beginning.

Shooting Schedule: Analysis

In this post I have analyzed each column and the importance of it. Each column is very important as it is literally the itinerary for the day. The director and actor must stick to this so that the film is completed on time. If the filming time runs over, it will cost more for the production company and so will decrease the profit. 

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What is a Shooting Schedule?

"A detailed listing of filming days and times, cast and crew members required, location changes, and transportation needs. Created and managed by the assistant director, the shooting schedule is a project plan of each day’s shoot. It is used with the production schedule that is normally created by the production manager. Both schedules represent a timeline stating where and when production resources are used."

--- Found on an Online Source ---

Character Name Change

After filming are opening scene we feel that the name Raife and Will should be changed around. Raife is a too high class name for the roll, and because we don't mention his name in the opening sequence we feel that we could change the name easily. Raife's name is barley mentioned in the film and so I think this was a good decision. Are teacher also made a comment about the name saying that 'I think the name Raife doesn't fit the character and his class' so this backed up are reason to change the name.

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One of the main props we need for are film is a letter, stating the death of Will. This letter is delivered to Nancy through Wills best mate and former solider Raife. The letter is significant to the film as it allows the audience to understand the situation as there are no vocals in the opening scene.

The tea pot is a significant feature as it demonstrates to the audience that Nancy is comfortable enough to invite Raife in and to make him a cup of tea. This shows the audience that they already have an established relationship, and that their is some kind of backstory there.

Shooting Schedule

This is the shooting schedule that our group created. We created this so that when it came to filming we knew exactly what it was we needed to do. The Shooting Schedule clearly shows what scenes we need to shoot and what order we need to shoot them in. Because we have created this it should hopefully cut down the time it takes to shoot our film.

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Sight & Sound: Film Advertisment

Logline: Possible Change?

At the moment I am continplating on changing the Logline, and taking the line highlighted in yellow out. This is becouse I feel that having him go back to the army will be a weekness in the films story line. I am going to speak to my group next time I see them to see if it needs a change. Now that we have written the treatments I have found that some parts of are plannin process needs a little changing around.
A former UK soilder who's fallen on hard times starts coaching his sons football team as a way to get his life together. With post-traumatic stress the fight for normality hardens and supporting his son becomes hard. Resulting back to the army as a messenger. Raife meets a woman who may be able to change all this.

Treatment: Opening

A former UK soilder who's fallen on hard times starts coaching his sons football team as a way to get his life together. With post-traumatic stress the fight for normality hardens and supporting his son becomes hard.  Raife meets a woman who may be able to change all this.

A film by:

Lewis Broughton                     Lucy Dale                    Issy Britton

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Treatment: Act 3

With Raife's show on the urge of collapes, he asks Nancy is he would like to host the morning show with Richard. She says yes. Her first day of work creates a buzz, he previous work as a presenter meant that she already had a following and this was great for the Raife. The show finally looked on the up. That evening Nancy took Raife out on a date to rekindle what they once had. Revisiting the same steak restaurant they went too on one of their first dates, Raife confessed that he never stopped loving her. Nancy told Raife that she was sorry for leaving him and also admitted that she realised she could never be with anyone but him. That evening they went for a walk around town, she took him to the theatre and told him that she loved him. She told him that the reason she came back was not only becouse she realised after everything he had done that she loved him, but becouse she was pregnant with his child.
The next day Raife gets a call from the TV Executives telling him that they are going to keep his show as long as the ratings continue to increase.
2 months later...
Raife and Nancy are in Paris, at the Top of the Eifel tower, Raife gets down onto one knee, and ask Nancy to marry him. She says yes.
1 year later...
Raife and Nancy are now married, living in a large house in the Kent countryside with their new baby boy Dylan. Raife has earnt a promotion and is now the TV executive. Nancy's presenting years have paid off with her now hoaving her own talk show. There lives couldnt be any better.

Treatment: Act 2

The next day, Nancy discovers the TV station is threatening to cancel her show because of its poor ratings. Not enjoying the long tiredsome hours of work, and after getting aggravated with her idiot of a boo Nancy dramaticlly quits her Job. Stressed and upset, it is coming up to the two year mark of her husbands death. Raife begins worrying for Nancy's downfall, and goes to his parents to borrow some money. Later that day Raife decides he is taking Nancy and her daughter too New York on a two week trip. His parents have paid for them to fly first class and have checked them in at one of New Yorks most luxurios hotels.

New York gives Nancy a sense of a new life, and she's the happiest she has been in ages. Arriving in New York Nancy meets an old school friend, Sophie. Sophie is the daugther of a wealthy father, Ashley Tiffany, Ashley is the owner of Tiffany & Co. Sophie is currently living in an apartment with her boyfriend Robert, overlooking Central Park. Sophie invites Nancy out on a double date that night. Sophie takes them to New Yorks landmark Broadway, where they get front row tickets at Broadways biggest show. The night grows old and with the kids at Sophie's fathers, they decide to go to one of New Yorks top restaurants. Over dinner Sophie talks to Nancy about a possibility of having a high profile job at Tiffany & Co. The next day Raife gets a call from his mother telling him that his dad's been taken to hospital after suffering a heart attack. Raife leaves Nancy and Chloe in New York and rushes back to the United Kingdom. When Raife arrives in hospital he finds that his father has died. Scared and sad Noah grips his daddy as tight as he can. Raife stays with his mum at her house to comfort and care for her. 5 days late Raife calls Nancy to tell her the news about his father. She is heartfelt and send her sympathy but explains to him that she has decided to stay over in New York to get a job at Tiffany and Co. Raife has a go at her telling her she cant leave him. She replies, I't's time to move on now Raife'

Raife is offered a Job as a producer for a news Channal. He takes the Job up, finaly feeling that he actually  has a chance to stand on his own two feet and can raise Noah. Raife attracts a woman who works for him in the office. Her names Lucy. Raife takes her out for dinner to a nice reataurant in London. But its not the same as before. Trying to move on form Nancy he realises that she is the only girl that he can ever love. After a terrible date, Raife goes home, and sits infront of the telly drinking. That night he sends Nancy a text asking to speak to her. The next day whilst making breakfast his phone vibrates and Nancy has texted him back. Pleased and thrilled his emotions are soon turned upside-down to find that Nancy has text him saying 'Things moved on way to quickly for my liking, your a great friend but, its hard for me becouse ive just lost my husband. I know this seems harsh, but I need time to think things through. I dont want to upset you but its what I have to do. Im sorry' Upset, Raife throws his phone at the wall and it smashes into peices. Worried for his daddy Noah walks up to him and holds his hand and tells him everythings going to be alright. A few days later it is the funeral of Raifs's father. This time last year Raife was at the funeral of his wife and now being his father, it makes the whold situation so much harder for him.

The next day it is Raife's first day as producer. Raife realises he has signed on to a show in turmoil, lacking in direction and money. After meeting the team he will be working with he fires the conceited co-host and host of the breatfast show, much to the delight of her co-workers. Raife hires two new hosts for the show, Richard and Debra. Straight away Debra proves to be hard going, throwing her weight about, trying to sabotage her debut on the show by arguing on screen with her co-host. As ratings begin to drop, Raife is told that his show may be canceled. Raife is over worked and at the same time his is coaching his sons football team for the cup final.

Raife takes his son's football team on a trip down to the beach, to congratulate them on how well they have done in reaching the cup final. Whilst donw there he tells them that no matter what happens next week in the game, that they should be proud what ever the outcome. The next day Raife arrives to the office, hearing that Richard and Debra have had another argument of air. Raife tells Debra to sort it out and during a break in the news she decides to get drunk and go on air. Raife fires Debra on air causing natinal coverage of the live event. Over in New York Nancy hears of the news and feels bad for Raife. The company owners tell raife that if the figures arnt up to over a million within a month the show will definatly be cancelled and a new up and coming show will be put in it's pace.

It is the day of Noah's cup match and the team run out onto the pitch. The first half is bad and the team go down 2-0, as the second half starts Noah puts in a goal for the team. They begin to get more posession and the team look more powerfull. After a dramatic fight the team win 3-2. When the crowds have dispersed, he notices that he cant find Noah, after a short panic he see's her with a girl. Its Chloe. Raife looks in shock and as he turns around he is embrased by Nancy, who runs up to him. Crying, she passinatly kisses him and tells him that she is so so sorry.

Treatment: Act 1

Raife is a former Soilder. He left duty a year ago after finding out about the death of his wife due to a head on collision. Jobless and being the only parent of his six year old son, Raife is financialy struggling. His attempts to raise money by starting up his own buisness's are largely met with ambivalence. Raife's relationship with his son Noah is the only thing that keeps him going. When he discovers that his sister Jess; the only person he has left in his life is getting married to her boyfriend James and moving to America, Raife grows despondent and lonley.
After dropping Noah off to his sons football game he sits and watches the game. Loosing 6-0 Raife decides to help his son's football team practice. The team isn't very good, with the coach giving little attention to his players. The team's parents quickly pressure Raife to become the new coach, which he reluctantly agrees to. Reaife begins to attract the attentions of various mothers. He specifically draws attention from the divorced Sarah. At practice the next day Raife is invited to a dinner party (Mascaraed Party) at Sarah's house. Whilst there he is approached by Nancy. A wealthy young woman with a 6 year old daughter of her own. Nancy is a fashion designer and owns her own clothing stores. Nancy has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world. At Sarah's party Raife learns that Nancy is also a single mother. He learns that 1 year ago Nancy lost her husband Will in the army. The two discuss there past and Raife realises he knew Will, in fact they where best friends.
When Nancy gets home, she discovers Raife's number slipped into her coat pocket. Nancy calls Raife that night asking if him and Noah would like to come over for dinner. The two spend the evening together. It gets late and Nancy asks Raife to stay the night. After putting the kids to bed Nancy asks Raife if he finds her attractive, the two sleep together. The following day Raife gets up early to take his sone to football, he leaves a note for Nancy saying 'Thanks for last night' He quickly cooks breakfast for her in an attempt to impress. Doing so makes him late to football practice. Arriving home, Raife is berated by his landlord Edgar for not paying his rent. He soon finds out that Jess's boyfriend James, has had an affair with one of the mothers of a son he coaches. The next day Raife turns up to football practise late. He argues with Jane telling her 'shes a filthy slut and to f*** off home' He late arrives home finding that his house has been taken by the landlord. Homless, and financial unstable, Raife calls up Nancy in the hope that he can crash at hers. Nancy soon lands herself a job of a morning show TV presenter in London. Coming home from a disastrous date Nancy goes to Raife, sad and depressed. Raife orders them a late night takeaway and they fall to sleep infront of the telly together. The next day is Nancy's first day of her new Job and Raife keeps Noah and Chloe off of school to see her first TV appearance. When Nancy gets home she is annoyed that he didnt take them to school however finds it cute that they stayed home to watch her. That day Raife takes them all out for dinner at a chinese restaraunt just down the road. Raife and Nancy stay up that night drinking and dancing and Raife admits that his starting to like Nancy. They passionately kiss and Nancy takes to bed. Raife sleeps on the sofa. 
The next day Raife takes Noah to soccar for the quater final of a cup match. This is the furthest the team had ever got and the croud was the biggest it had ever been. Nancy turned up to watch from the side line with he daughter Chloe. Winning 2-1 Nancy takes the kids to her sisters for the night. Nancy and Raife go out for a walk around town and have dinner at nice steak restaurant. Nancy admits she's starting to get feelings for Raife but she doesnt want to move on too quick. Nancy's work as a TV presenter is starting to pay off. Her viewing figures have grown massivley since she started. Raife vists Jessica at their parents home. Suprising she seems happy after breaking up with James, saying, 'If he no longer loves me, he no loger deserves me'. Raife tells his family about Nancy, and how they want to take things slowley. Eager to meet Nancy, Raifs mother and father, Jenny and Greg invite her over for dinner.

Backstage: Audition Advertisment

StarNow: Audition Advertisment

The Stage: Audition Advertisment

Clothing Design: Nancy

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Film Name

Loving Again

Film Name: Choosing The Title

As a group we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each film title. We are then going to as a group select a title for the film that we think would best suit the film, the genre and the target audiance. We will let you know the film title as soon as we have had a discussion.

Film Name: Initial Ideas Analysis

Linking In London
Linking In London was one of the first ideas I came up with. The term linking is often used when a boy and a girl are talking a lot. London is the capital of London and is where our film is set. It is also a romantic city. Both of these words emphasis that the film is going to be a Romantic film. I think the title flows well.
First Sight
I came up with this name, from the saying 'Love at First Sight' This name is instantly traceable back to the original saying and so to the audiance the film title would be instantly recognisable. Each individual word in this title doesnt relate to love. I think this is an okay idea.
Saving Nancy
The ideas behind this title was to suggest that Nancy needs saving. For the audiance this makes them have to think about what the film is going to be about and what Nancy is going to need saving from. The title introduces the main character, however it doesnt really relate to the romantic genre.
Tears In The Rain
This ideas came from the film 'Singing In The Rain' I choose the word tears as it referes to the tough time that Raife and Nancy are going through. The word Rain is there to exagerate the term tears. The meaning behind this could be that there are floods of tears. This name doesnt really make you think of the Romantic genre, however it is quite an interesting, thought-provoking name.

Unplanned Love
This is an idea I came up with to do with the relationship between Nancy and Raife. The love story in this film wasnt planned. They where never suppose to meet. However fait brought them back. The title represents the Romantic genre. The title would make the audiance question why was it unplanned? Whats happend? and this is good as it creates an audiance response.
When Love Hurts Most
This film title relates straight back to the romantic film genre. There is a juxtaposition within the title. The words Love, and Hurts are two contrasting words. The title makes the audiance question what it is that makes it hurt. The word hurt relates to the loss of Raife and Nancy's partners. The world Love represents the new found love they find for each other.

Attachment was the next idea I had for our title. The word attachment is romantic in it-self. It realates to the word affection. This title does represent the Romantic film genre. It is a short title, however sometimes the shorter the titles the easier they are remembered. This is a sweet title idea in my opinion.
Venture can mean to take undertake a risky journey or action. This can illustrate the ideas we have in our film and how it is hard for the two main characters to move on. This is especially evident in Nancy's jorney as she falls in love with her husbands bestfriend. I think this is a good title for our film how ever it doesnt really have anything to do with romance.
8 Weeks Later
Whilst this title has nothing to do with the romantic genre, I personally like this title. It sounds fun and makes the audiance want to know what is going to happen 8 weeks later. Again this creates an audiance responce and this is somthing every film director wants.

Enchantment was the next idea I came up with. This title sounds like something you would hear in a fairy tale. Fairy tales always have happy endings and so this is a sweet title to have. However it could give a way to the audiance that it is going to have a happy ending. This is a nice title howeve it may be a little cheesy.
A Love Story
Out of all my film title ideas this one demonstartes the best representation of the Romantic film genre. Straight away you know this is going to be a romantic film. The world love relates to romance, and story can refer to the journey that they are about to take. I like this title however I think it relates to well to the genre.
A Lovers Hate
This title creates a Juxtaposition. The word lovers and hate are two total contrast of each other. The title could also suggest something that they both find irritating instead of them both finiding eachother irritating. The title sounds fun and in a way a little comedic. We can tell that it is going to be a romantic film from the title howver I think most peoples guess would be that it would be a romantic comedy.
One Night
This title is shot and snappy. It makes the audiance want to know what happend on that night. I think this would relate to the romance genre. I feel that when reading this most people would relate it to a one-night stand and so this would identify the genre as being romance. This is a good title, however I think it is a little boring.
Dinner Date For Two
This title could signify the first date a couple has. This staright away identifies the genre as being romantic. The title again sounds a little comedic and I am worried that it will get confused as being a romanctic comedy. Whilst the title is four words I think it would be quiet attention grabbing to the audaiance as it is easy to say and so will be rememberd easily.

Loving Again
This title would make the audiance think that someone is trying to get back into a realatioship or has just got out of one and is going through a hard time. This relates to the storyline of our film really well. It is quiet a catchy title and makes the audaiance want to know if they can actaully love again. The film title identifies the film as being Romantic.
Keeping In Touch
This film title suggests that a couple are living far apart but still keep in touch. This is quiet a sweet title, and it doesnt give too much away about the film. In out film this could represent keeping intouch with the people who have died. This would have a strong meaning for our film however, i dont think this would be the best title for the film.
 This was the last film title that I cam up with. This title is one short word which would mean that it is easily rememberd. The word fallen would represent Will who diedd in battle. Again I dont think this is the best titel for our film as It doesnt relate to the romance genre. I want the name to identify romance so that the audiance know what to expect with the film.

Film Name: Initial Ideas

New Production Logo

After having a group discussion we decided to go with this Logo for our production company.

New Production Logo: Ideas Analysis

This is the first logo design that I came up with. The Logo looks fun and creative and I feel that the company name fits the image well. The image is of a film reel and this relates well to our company name. If we had this appear before the film we could have it moving across the screen. The logo straight away identifies itself as having something to do with the film industry. 

This is the second logo design that I came up with. I feel that this logo design is really creative and effective. Whist there isnt a lot going on in the image, I think it looks smart and would attract people to look at it. The letters of the world 'Reel' flow really well and make the words look fun. The black text on the white background make it stand out even more. In my opinion the logo doesnt really have alot to do with the film industry.

This is the third logo design that I came up with. I think that the font in this one is a little boring. However i think that the box shape this logo creates is really effective. The logo doesnt really have a lot of relevance to the film industry and is a little straight forward. However sometimes the most sympol logos are the most effective.

This is the fourth logo design that I created. I think this logo works really well as it is simple. The logo of the film reel at the top relates back to the film industry, making it instantly recognisable to the audiance. The gray text stands out well against the black background. This logo is really effective I think. The smart design makes the logo rememrable. I feel that the logo would attract the audiance to look at it and I feel that due to the easy design the audiance will instantly recognise it and know that we work within the film industry.

This is the last logo design that I came up with. The middle image makes the logo instantly recognisable to the film industry. The image relates back to the Production Company Name which is good. However I feel that the text is relativley childish and I dont think this would work too well with type of company we want to have.

New Production Logo: Ideas

These are some Logo Designs that I came up with for our new Production Company Name. I wanted to make the logos smart and wanted to make them relate to the film industry.

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CNN News

Pupils at David Bowie's old school follow in his footsteps to perform at a hot-ticket exhibition on his career.

Production Company Name

We decided to go with this Production Company Name:
Reel Creations

Production Company Names: Survey Results

Which Film Production Company Name Do You Like The Most?

  • Answered: 39 
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0%20%40%60%80%100%Reels onWheelsClose-UpProductionReelCreationsLLIProductionsLong ShotProductionsFilmBeStudiosReel IndieDBB FilmsFilm NoirStudiosJAGProductionsBritton FilmsStarProductionsDale StudiosBroughtonProductionsDreamProductions
Reels on Wheels
Close-Up Production
Reel Creations
LLI Productions
Long Shot Productions
FilmBe Studios
Reel Indie
DBB Films
Film Noir Studios
JAG Productions
Britton Films
Star Productions
Dale Studios
Broughton Productions
Dream Productions
These are the results I collected from my survey. 39 people took my survey. Over 25% of people chose Reel Creations. This was the biggest proportion of people. In my opinion I think Reel Creations is the best Production name and I'm happy that the audience felt the same. Dream Productions and Close-Up Productions came in joint second with 5 votes each. Due to the fact that Reel Production got the most results I have choose to go with this name.