Thursday, 25 April 2013

Soundtrack Ideas

The music above is soft, slow and easy to listen to. It would be good for our film because our opening scene is very sad as Nancy finds out her husband is dead. Halfway through the piece the music speeds up in anticipation and it would fit with our film when she finds out the bad news. It then returns to sad and slow which would represent her feelings and mood.

This peice of music isnt too sad and has a good beat to it to making it easier to listen to. It is not too sad which is important within our film as it represents the positive change that happens after the death of Will, and the new beginning of Nancy's life.
This piece of music is interesting because it is slow and sad and would represent the sadness in our film very well, but it does not have any happiness to it which is important because we want to show the next chapter without any footage. Also, this music sounds very familiar which we do not want because our film has to be original.

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