Sunday, 28 April 2013

7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For my media product, a film, we have used a wide variety of technological processes to construct the film.

These consisted of:
- Digital Camera
- iPhone Camera
- Digital Video Camera
- Scanner
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Powerpoint
- Tripod
- Final Cut
- Live Type

And many more, below I have constructed  a mind map using '' to present all the sites we used via internet explorer to help us in the process of constructing our film.

The mind map shows what sites we used from internet explorer which helped us make our blogs more creative and innovative to look at so that they didn't just consist of the same bland posts continuously.

Google and We Hear It were two sites which we used to get images off to post in various places within my blog and continuously using for inspiration and ideas.

Lino and Padlet were sites which we used to produce posts which just contained various amounts of texts and sometimes pictures on a single page.

Author Stream, Slide Share, Animoto, Slide Rocket were sites we used to create powerpoints and put online and contain text, images, and often videos.

Survey Monkey was a site we used to create a survey and then analyse these results which we got and see what this meant for our target audience ideas.

Gmail is the email service we used to email casting directors when the need occurred. 

Polyvore is a site we used to create outfit combinations for our characters.

Wordle and Tagxedo are word generating sites which we used to make words look more creative and colourful to look at when describing certain things.  is a site we used to create mind maps.

XtraNormal, Voki, Go Animate and Pixton were sites we used to make visual animations which often spoke, Pixton was one which created a storyboard however but we could still incorporate visual animations into them.

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