Thursday, 25 April 2013

Casting Raife/ Will

Name: Joseph Garratt
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 0863746****
Joe Garratt fitted the description for Raife really well. Joe has had a lot of acting experiance which is something that really went in his favour. Whilst experiance wasnt neccasary we feel that he will make the filming process run a lot smoother. Joe has been in many school plays and so his confidence will be visable on screen. His hair is smart and this is one of the qualities we wanted Raife to have. Joe's audition was very well and one of the things that stood out was his personality. Whilst Jo is very level headed he can have a laugh and as a director I feel this is somthing we need on set. After Joe got through the first audition we put him for a scree test. This would allow us to see how he would react with the camera being aroundf and it would allow us to see what he would look like from and audiances point of view. Joe had a great onscreen appearance. He really dominated the frame. He was very well at potraying his feelings and emotions through non verbal communication and this is somthing that would be really great for our film. I am happy with this casting.

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