Thursday, 25 April 2013

Analyzing the day of filming

The filming day as a whole was a success. We managed to film are film in one day which was are target. Even though we completed the film within the time frame and got all the shots we need I feel that there is still room for improvement. I have created a table below about the good and bad elements of the filming process.

Whilst we had planned everything for the day of the filming, when the day came we were unprepared and the filming was a last minuet rush. There were many reasons for this. There was a disagreement in are group and so two of the moments wasn't speaking for a while and so we couldn't film during that period. Another issue we found was that a lot of the days some of us could film on the other group members couldn't. In the future we should plan a shooting day in advance so that we can all make sure that we are free for that day. Due to the fact that we left it last minuet we also had trouble getting the equipment and because of this we couldn't use the camera that we wanted to originally use. There also wasn't any tripods that we could use and this we found was a big issue because we couldn't really keep the camera steady. Even though we filmed last minuet, we managed to film and edit the film within two days and this is something we are really proud of. Whilst there is still a lot of room for improvement I feel that the film we have produced was very good for the time frame.

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