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7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For my media product, a film, we have used a wide variety of technological processes to construct the film.

These consisted of:
- Digital Camera
- iPhone Camera
- Digital Video Camera
- Scanner
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Powerpoint
- Tripod
- Final Cut
- Live Type

And many more, below I have constructed  a mind map using '' to present all the sites we used via internet explorer to help us in the process of constructing our film.

The mind map shows what sites we used from internet explorer which helped us make our blogs more creative and innovative to look at so that they didn't just consist of the same bland posts continuously.

Google and We Hear It were two sites which we used to get images off to post in various places within my blog and continuously using for inspiration and ideas.

Lino and Padlet were sites which we used to produce posts which just contained various amounts of texts and sometimes pictures on a single page.

Author Stream, Slide Share, Animoto, Slide Rocket were sites we used to create powerpoints and put online and contain text, images, and often videos.

Survey Monkey was a site we used to create a survey and then analyse these results which we got and see what this meant for our target audience ideas.

Gmail is the email service we used to email casting directors when the need occurred. 

Polyvore is a site we used to create outfit combinations for our characters.

Wordle and Tagxedo are word generating sites which we used to make words look more creative and colourful to look at when describing certain things.  is a site we used to create mind maps.

XtraNormal, Voki, Go Animate and Pixton were sites we used to make visual animations which often spoke, Pixton was one which created a storyboard however but we could still incorporate visual animations into them.

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3. kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

3. kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

We really feel that Lionsgate is the best company to distribute are film. They are a very successful company and so we know are film has a great chance of earning a large profit at the box office. All of Lionsgate films are succesfull and so we are confident with the company. We know that Lionsgate will work hard to get are film distributed. Below is the Lionsgate Logo.

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Social Groups by isabelle.britton on GoAnimate

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1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Analyzing the day of filming

The filming day as a whole was a success. We managed to film are film in one day which was are target. Even though we completed the film within the time frame and got all the shots we need I feel that there is still room for improvement. I have created a table below about the good and bad elements of the filming process.

Whilst we had planned everything for the day of the filming, when the day came we were unprepared and the filming was a last minuet rush. There were many reasons for this. There was a disagreement in are group and so two of the moments wasn't speaking for a while and so we couldn't film during that period. Another issue we found was that a lot of the days some of us could film on the other group members couldn't. In the future we should plan a shooting day in advance so that we can all make sure that we are free for that day. Due to the fact that we left it last minuet we also had trouble getting the equipment and because of this we couldn't use the camera that we wanted to originally use. There also wasn't any tripods that we could use and this we found was a big issue because we couldn't really keep the camera steady. Even though we filmed last minuet, we managed to film and edit the film within two days and this is something we are really proud of. Whilst there is still a lot of room for improvement I feel that the film we have produced was very good for the time frame.

Casting Raife/ Will

Name: Joseph Garratt
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 0863746****
Joe Garratt fitted the description for Raife really well. Joe has had a lot of acting experiance which is something that really went in his favour. Whilst experiance wasnt neccasary we feel that he will make the filming process run a lot smoother. Joe has been in many school plays and so his confidence will be visable on screen. His hair is smart and this is one of the qualities we wanted Raife to have. Joe's audition was very well and one of the things that stood out was his personality. Whilst Jo is very level headed he can have a laugh and as a director I feel this is somthing we need on set. After Joe got through the first audition we put him for a scree test. This would allow us to see how he would react with the camera being aroundf and it would allow us to see what he would look like from and audiances point of view. Joe had a great onscreen appearance. He really dominated the frame. He was very well at potraying his feelings and emotions through non verbal communication and this is somthing that would be really great for our film. I am happy with this casting.

Casting Nancy

Name: Lucy Dale
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 076547*****
Lucy meets the requirments for our film. She is middle hight and when she dresses up she can get away with playing an older character. Lucy hasnt had any experiance in acting before and so when casting her it was a bit of a risk. We found that when audition Lucy she was very natural with her performance and this is something we really wanted. Lucy has a calm, soft voice which is something we wanted the character Nancy to have. Whilst she isnt that tall we came to the opinion that she could be wearing heels to make herself look taller. Once Lucy went through our first audition we did a screen test on her to see how she would look on screen. With this we were able to see that she had a strong onscreen presence and this is somthing we really needed. Nancy is the main character and so her emotions would have to be potrayed to the audiance very well. We are please with our casting.


These are a few picture of some backstage shots of the day we filmed the opening sequence.

Final Filming Location

After suffering a lot of set backs with for the Location of the house we have finally made and agreement to film at Joe Garratts house. We managed to arange an agreement with him to allow us to film on his premesis. Due to dissagreements with are group we had to dissragard the use of Joe's house, however after long discussions we all agreed and were happy to film at his house.

This is an Image of Joe's house. It is a large house, that is very nice to the eye. This house represents the wealth that Nancy has. The home has just been built and has had brand new interier and so the house would already have a nice set for us to use.

Before filming we all went to the house to look at the practicality of filming there. The house itself is very large and modern looking so fits with the genre and general 'look' of the film.  We looked at possible shot angles and scouted for the best places to film in the property. One place we really liked was the foyer of the house. This is the enterance and one of the main focal points of the house. The grand staircase emphasises Nancy's wealth. We took some testing footage to see how we could frame each shot. This allowed us to determin what kind of shots would be best. Taking this tester footage allowed us to save a lot of time when it came to the day of the filming.

Film Script

After studying how scrips/ screenplays were written we decided to make one of our own. Whilst are script isnt as detailed as a script should be I feel that it tells us everything we need to know for when shooting our opening scene. Having a script will allow are actors kto now what they are doing and it makes the process a lot more quicker and stress free.

What is a Script?

Soundtrack Issue's

One of the issue's we came across when looking for sound for are film was to make sure that the music wasnt copyrighted. To do this we had to do extra research into each song, and we had to track down a source. We found that a lot of the music we were finding was copyrighted and this became a real issue for us. After looking into are final music idea for a while we found out that the song we wanted wasnt copyrighted and so we were now able to finalise out sound choice for good.

Chosen Soundtrack

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Soundtrack Ideas

The music above is soft, slow and easy to listen to. It would be good for our film because our opening scene is very sad as Nancy finds out her husband is dead. Halfway through the piece the music speeds up in anticipation and it would fit with our film when she finds out the bad news. It then returns to sad and slow which would represent her feelings and mood.

This peice of music isnt too sad and has a good beat to it to making it easier to listen to. It is not too sad which is important within our film as it represents the positive change that happens after the death of Will, and the new beginning of Nancy's life.
This piece of music is interesting because it is slow and sad and would represent the sadness in our film very well, but it does not have any happiness to it which is important because we want to show the next chapter without any footage. Also, this music sounds very familiar which we do not want because our film has to be original.

Choosing a Soundtrack

"A soundtrack can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, book, television program or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film or TV show; or the physical area of a film that contains the synchronized recorded sound."
A soundtrack is very important for a film as it can set the scene because it is able to influence the audiance to portray a particular feeling or mood. It also makes the film more interesting if it is just action happening on screen and no speech or talking. It is important for us to pick the right music for our film as it  it fits the film. If it doesnt it could portray a completely different mood than intended or generally make the film look bad from the beginning.

Shooting Schedule: Analysis

In this post I have analyzed each column and the importance of it. Each column is very important as it is literally the itinerary for the day. The director and actor must stick to this so that the film is completed on time. If the filming time runs over, it will cost more for the production company and so will decrease the profit. 

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What is a Shooting Schedule?

"A detailed listing of filming days and times, cast and crew members required, location changes, and transportation needs. Created and managed by the assistant director, the shooting schedule is a project plan of each day’s shoot. It is used with the production schedule that is normally created by the production manager. Both schedules represent a timeline stating where and when production resources are used."

--- Found on an Online Source ---

Character Name Change

After filming are opening scene we feel that the name Raife and Will should be changed around. Raife is a too high class name for the roll, and because we don't mention his name in the opening sequence we feel that we could change the name easily. Raife's name is barley mentioned in the film and so I think this was a good decision. Are teacher also made a comment about the name saying that 'I think the name Raife doesn't fit the character and his class' so this backed up are reason to change the name.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


One of the main props we need for are film is a letter, stating the death of Will. This letter is delivered to Nancy through Wills best mate and former solider Raife. The letter is significant to the film as it allows the audience to understand the situation as there are no vocals in the opening scene.

The tea pot is a significant feature as it demonstrates to the audience that Nancy is comfortable enough to invite Raife in and to make him a cup of tea. This shows the audience that they already have an established relationship, and that their is some kind of backstory there.

Shooting Schedule

This is the shooting schedule that our group created. We created this so that when it came to filming we knew exactly what it was we needed to do. The Shooting Schedule clearly shows what scenes we need to shoot and what order we need to shoot them in. Because we have created this it should hopefully cut down the time it takes to shoot our film.