Thursday, 25 April 2013

Casting Nancy

Name: Lucy Dale
Age: 17
Contact Details:
Mobile: 076547*****
Lucy meets the requirments for our film. She is middle hight and when she dresses up she can get away with playing an older character. Lucy hasnt had any experiance in acting before and so when casting her it was a bit of a risk. We found that when audition Lucy she was very natural with her performance and this is something we really wanted. Lucy has a calm, soft voice which is something we wanted the character Nancy to have. Whilst she isnt that tall we came to the opinion that she could be wearing heels to make herself look taller. Once Lucy went through our first audition we did a screen test on her to see how she would look on screen. With this we were able to see that she had a strong onscreen presence and this is somthing we really needed. Nancy is the main character and so her emotions would have to be potrayed to the audiance very well. We are please with our casting.

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