Friday, 22 March 2013

Film Name: Initial Ideas Analysis

Linking In London
Linking In London was one of the first ideas I came up with. The term linking is often used when a boy and a girl are talking a lot. London is the capital of London and is where our film is set. It is also a romantic city. Both of these words emphasis that the film is going to be a Romantic film. I think the title flows well.
First Sight
I came up with this name, from the saying 'Love at First Sight' This name is instantly traceable back to the original saying and so to the audiance the film title would be instantly recognisable. Each individual word in this title doesnt relate to love. I think this is an okay idea.
Saving Nancy
The ideas behind this title was to suggest that Nancy needs saving. For the audiance this makes them have to think about what the film is going to be about and what Nancy is going to need saving from. The title introduces the main character, however it doesnt really relate to the romantic genre.
Tears In The Rain
This ideas came from the film 'Singing In The Rain' I choose the word tears as it referes to the tough time that Raife and Nancy are going through. The word Rain is there to exagerate the term tears. The meaning behind this could be that there are floods of tears. This name doesnt really make you think of the Romantic genre, however it is quite an interesting, thought-provoking name.

Unplanned Love
This is an idea I came up with to do with the relationship between Nancy and Raife. The love story in this film wasnt planned. They where never suppose to meet. However fait brought them back. The title represents the Romantic genre. The title would make the audiance question why was it unplanned? Whats happend? and this is good as it creates an audiance response.
When Love Hurts Most
This film title relates straight back to the romantic film genre. There is a juxtaposition within the title. The words Love, and Hurts are two contrasting words. The title makes the audiance question what it is that makes it hurt. The word hurt relates to the loss of Raife and Nancy's partners. The world Love represents the new found love they find for each other.

Attachment was the next idea I had for our title. The word attachment is romantic in it-self. It realates to the word affection. This title does represent the Romantic film genre. It is a short title, however sometimes the shorter the titles the easier they are remembered. This is a sweet title idea in my opinion.
Venture can mean to take undertake a risky journey or action. This can illustrate the ideas we have in our film and how it is hard for the two main characters to move on. This is especially evident in Nancy's jorney as she falls in love with her husbands bestfriend. I think this is a good title for our film how ever it doesnt really have anything to do with romance.
8 Weeks Later
Whilst this title has nothing to do with the romantic genre, I personally like this title. It sounds fun and makes the audiance want to know what is going to happen 8 weeks later. Again this creates an audiance responce and this is somthing every film director wants.

Enchantment was the next idea I came up with. This title sounds like something you would hear in a fairy tale. Fairy tales always have happy endings and so this is a sweet title to have. However it could give a way to the audiance that it is going to have a happy ending. This is a nice title howeve it may be a little cheesy.
A Love Story
Out of all my film title ideas this one demonstartes the best representation of the Romantic film genre. Straight away you know this is going to be a romantic film. The world love relates to romance, and story can refer to the journey that they are about to take. I like this title however I think it relates to well to the genre.
A Lovers Hate
This title creates a Juxtaposition. The word lovers and hate are two total contrast of each other. The title could also suggest something that they both find irritating instead of them both finiding eachother irritating. The title sounds fun and in a way a little comedic. We can tell that it is going to be a romantic film from the title howver I think most peoples guess would be that it would be a romantic comedy.
One Night
This title is shot and snappy. It makes the audiance want to know what happend on that night. I think this would relate to the romance genre. I feel that when reading this most people would relate it to a one-night stand and so this would identify the genre as being romance. This is a good title, however I think it is a little boring.
Dinner Date For Two
This title could signify the first date a couple has. This staright away identifies the genre as being romantic. The title again sounds a little comedic and I am worried that it will get confused as being a romanctic comedy. Whilst the title is four words I think it would be quiet attention grabbing to the audaiance as it is easy to say and so will be rememberd easily.

Loving Again
This title would make the audiance think that someone is trying to get back into a realatioship or has just got out of one and is going through a hard time. This relates to the storyline of our film really well. It is quiet a catchy title and makes the audaiance want to know if they can actaully love again. The film title identifies the film as being Romantic.
Keeping In Touch
This film title suggests that a couple are living far apart but still keep in touch. This is quiet a sweet title, and it doesnt give too much away about the film. In out film this could represent keeping intouch with the people who have died. This would have a strong meaning for our film however, i dont think this would be the best title for the film.
 This was the last film title that I cam up with. This title is one short word which would mean that it is easily rememberd. The word fallen would represent Will who diedd in battle. Again I dont think this is the best titel for our film as It doesnt relate to the romance genre. I want the name to identify romance so that the audiance know what to expect with the film.

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