Thursday, 14 March 2013

Location & Casting


The location of the film is vitally important to the tone of the genre of my film. Every director would say that a location could break or make the project. A location is the main aspect of the film that creates the world we all escape to when sitting in the cinema. When choosing my location I need to do a lot of location research so that I have as much information and details about the location as possible. If I don't do my location research there could be a lot of things that could potentially hamper the shooting of my film. When doing my location research their are a lot of aspects that I need to research about. Things I need to consider when choosing my Location:

Are you legally allowed to film where you want to film?
Are there any other access restrictions? (Dates, times, permissions etc.)
Is it safe to film here?
Is it physically possible to achieve what you want to achieve at this location?
Does it suit the genre of the film?
Is it interesting enough?
Will lighting be an issue?
Is it a public thoroughfare?
Is there a lot of road traffic nearby?
Will noise be an issue?


Casting is a vital part of when it comes to shooting my film. I need to cast strong actors who fit the character profiles I create and who have a strong way of showing their emotions. They need to have a strong on screen presence which can catch the audiences emotion. The actor needs to be the right character for the role. Actors often leave a lasting impression on the audience and if an actor who usually stars in romantic films all of a sudden stars in an action film it doesn't seem right to the audience. When casting my film i need to consider the following:

Screen Testing?

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