Sunday, 24 March 2013

Treatment: Act 1

Raife is a former Soilder. He left duty a year ago after finding out about the death of his wife due to a head on collision. Jobless and being the only parent of his six year old son, Raife is financialy struggling. His attempts to raise money by starting up his own buisness's are largely met with ambivalence. Raife's relationship with his son Noah is the only thing that keeps him going. When he discovers that his sister Jess; the only person he has left in his life is getting married to her boyfriend James and moving to America, Raife grows despondent and lonley.
After dropping Noah off to his sons football game he sits and watches the game. Loosing 6-0 Raife decides to help his son's football team practice. The team isn't very good, with the coach giving little attention to his players. The team's parents quickly pressure Raife to become the new coach, which he reluctantly agrees to. Reaife begins to attract the attentions of various mothers. He specifically draws attention from the divorced Sarah. At practice the next day Raife is invited to a dinner party (Mascaraed Party) at Sarah's house. Whilst there he is approached by Nancy. A wealthy young woman with a 6 year old daughter of her own. Nancy is a fashion designer and owns her own clothing stores. Nancy has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world. At Sarah's party Raife learns that Nancy is also a single mother. He learns that 1 year ago Nancy lost her husband Will in the army. The two discuss there past and Raife realises he knew Will, in fact they where best friends.
When Nancy gets home, she discovers Raife's number slipped into her coat pocket. Nancy calls Raife that night asking if him and Noah would like to come over for dinner. The two spend the evening together. It gets late and Nancy asks Raife to stay the night. After putting the kids to bed Nancy asks Raife if he finds her attractive, the two sleep together. The following day Raife gets up early to take his sone to football, he leaves a note for Nancy saying 'Thanks for last night' He quickly cooks breakfast for her in an attempt to impress. Doing so makes him late to football practice. Arriving home, Raife is berated by his landlord Edgar for not paying his rent. He soon finds out that Jess's boyfriend James, has had an affair with one of the mothers of a son he coaches. The next day Raife turns up to football practise late. He argues with Jane telling her 'shes a filthy slut and to f*** off home' He late arrives home finding that his house has been taken by the landlord. Homless, and financial unstable, Raife calls up Nancy in the hope that he can crash at hers. Nancy soon lands herself a job of a morning show TV presenter in London. Coming home from a disastrous date Nancy goes to Raife, sad and depressed. Raife orders them a late night takeaway and they fall to sleep infront of the telly together. The next day is Nancy's first day of her new Job and Raife keeps Noah and Chloe off of school to see her first TV appearance. When Nancy gets home she is annoyed that he didnt take them to school however finds it cute that they stayed home to watch her. That day Raife takes them all out for dinner at a chinese restaraunt just down the road. Raife and Nancy stay up that night drinking and dancing and Raife admits that his starting to like Nancy. They passionately kiss and Nancy takes to bed. Raife sleeps on the sofa. 
The next day Raife takes Noah to soccar for the quater final of a cup match. This is the furthest the team had ever got and the croud was the biggest it had ever been. Nancy turned up to watch from the side line with he daughter Chloe. Winning 2-1 Nancy takes the kids to her sisters for the night. Nancy and Raife go out for a walk around town and have dinner at nice steak restaurant. Nancy admits she's starting to get feelings for Raife but she doesnt want to move on too quick. Nancy's work as a TV presenter is starting to pay off. Her viewing figures have grown massivley since she started. Raife vists Jessica at their parents home. Suprising she seems happy after breaking up with James, saying, 'If he no longer loves me, he no loger deserves me'. Raife tells his family about Nancy, and how they want to take things slowley. Eager to meet Nancy, Raifs mother and father, Jenny and Greg invite her over for dinner.

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