Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Location Scouting: Joe Garrat's House

After looking around for houses to film in, as a group we have decided on a location for  the house. We have decided to make Joe Garrat's house our location for Nancy's house. The house fits the description of Nancy's finical state. The house is large and elegant and represents Nancy as a smart, well kept woman. This is a good location as the house sits on a quiet road and so wont effect us as much when it comes to filming the outdoor scenes. The quiet road means there will be less road noise and the health and safety risk will me majority decreased. Another advantage of filming in this road is that it is a private road, hardly any cars go down it and so it will be unnecessary to get the road closed for filming. This saves production costs. With this bit of extra money we can put it towards another factor in the production process of the film. Due to the fact that we know the owner of the house we are able to use this location free of charge and as often as we need to. This is a great advantage just incase we need to re-shoot any scenes.

Pictures of the House's exterior and interior are coming soon...

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