Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Production Company Name: Initial Ideas

When I was thinking of production company names for our short film, I wanted the production company name to relate to our group. So firstly I looked at each person's name that is in our group, which are Lewis Broughton, Isabella Britton and Lucy Dale.  As I was looking at the names I just started to use the first letter of each name and just jumble them around to see if I could notice something. Secondly we thought of film vocabulary that we could interpret into a company name.

Initial ideas;
  1. Reels on Wheels
  2. Close-Up Production
  3. Reel Creations
  4. LLI Productions
  5. Long Shot Productions
  6. FilmBe Studios
  7. Reel Indie 
  8. DBB Films
  9. Film Noir Studios
  10. JAG Productions
  11. Britton Films
  12. Star Productions
  13. Dale Studios
  14. Broughton Productions
  15. Dream Productions  
I am going to select my Production Company name by conducting a survey for the audience to choose.            

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